Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom - Snowflakes in a Winter Storm

"Always remember that you are  
absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. "
- Margaret Mead 

It's an interesting paradox: there's no one else in the whole world just like us, and yet we all have much in common with every other person on Earth. Like snowflakes in a winter storm, we're unique but not unusual.
From time to time, each of us feels a bit odd and out of step with the world, and yearns to be reassured that that's OK. But the truth is that our individual needs are not that different from those of everyone around us. Most of the joys and worries each of us carries in our heart are shared by most of humanity. There may be six billion one-of-a-kind humans on the planet, but only a handful of concerns to understand and address.
One sure path to success is the capacity to honor individual uniqueness while solving collective problems. Those who can make each person they meet feel special and uniquely appreciated for who they are, while delivering widely-applicable solutions, will find that the world beats a path to their door. 

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